Lipow Oil Associates has worked on a variety of projects for the Petroleum Industry. We are dedicated to assisting oil producers, refiners, and traders improve efficiency and profits utilizing over 30 years of hands-on refining and trading experience to accomplish these goals. It is this experience that enables clients to hire Lipow Oil Associates for projects that are completed in a timely and cost effective manner allowing the client to focus on their primary business line. Our areas of expertise include the following:

Crude Oil Marketing

The marketing of new crude oil production requires significant effort to maximize its value to refiners reluctant to change operations. This reluctance often translates into lower initial prices for new production. Lipow Oil Associates can qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate new crude production and recommend potential refinery outlets to minimize these additional discounts for trying new crude production.

Refining Optimization

Lipow Oil Associates can evaluate current operations and logistics to provide recommendations that improve profitability. We look to optimize crude slates, improve product quality and upgrade product mix. Import and Export arbitrage opportunities taking advantage of product quality are sought out to enhance refining margins.

Refinery Feedstocks and Intermediates

Our trading experience can be utilized to identify upgrading opportunities for refinery feedstocks and intermediates that might otherwise be sold at a discounted price. Our knowledge of product flows and market values is used to improve the value of these streams to the refiner.

Terminal Logistics

Lipow Oil Associates has worked on several projects to assess business opportunities at a variety of terminal locations. This includes analyzing tank capacity, turns, lease rates, potential of new business and the impact of economic and environmental factors on existing facility throughputs.

Supply and Trading

Overall profitability can be improved with a working knowledge of the oil market. This includes optimizing crude oil acquisition costs or crude sales revenue, negotiating differentials versus benchmark indices and obtaining the best value for differing qualities. Lipow Oil Associates can assist in determining whether a client wishes to trade crude oil and petroleum products on a speculative basis. This includes assessing risk tolerance, profitability goals, and hedging strategies.

Renewable Fuels

The increased use of renewable fuels has impacted refinery margins. Lipow Oil Associates continuously monitors renewable fuels supply and demand in the USA and elsewhere. We assist refiners in assessing gasoline to ethanol or biodiesel to diesel spreads to determine buying and selling programs to meet the Renewable Fuels Obligations. We are familiar with ASTM, NIST, Federal and State regulations that impact renewable fuel blending.


Lipow Oil Associates is uniquely qualified to provide a variety of seminars based on our refining and trading experience. Topics include refining operations for the non-technical employee; forecasting petroleum prices; trading, hedging and arbitrage and effects of renewable fuels on the refining industry.