Andrew Lipow frequently appears in many different media outlets. He has contributed to FOX Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg TV and has also appeared on the nightly national newscasts of NBC, CBS and ABC. In Houston, Mr. Lipow has been seen on KPRC, KRIV and KHOU television stations.

Mr. Lipow is also sought after by the major industry trade publications having given interviews to OPIS, Platts and Argus. He has been quoted in international news outlets including Bloomberg, AFP, Associated Press, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Nikkei as well as been a source for many newspapers in the USA.

Additional video clips can be found on the internet.

Energy Outlook — Crude Oil Rallies to 2009 High

Summary: Crude Oil prices rallied from January through May 18, 2009 when this segment aired on Bloomberg TV

Falling oil prices impact Canada & US

Summary: The effect of lower oil prices on Canada and the USA aired on World Focus with Martin Savidge on November 12, 2008.

Oil Outlook: Expect Close to $30

Summary: A discussion of falling oil prices on Bloomberg TV December 26, 2008