How the Oil Market Works
January 9, 2012
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This report tries to explain how the oil market works in a simple and brief manner. However the reader should be aware that the oil market is quite complex, no one statement can cover all the cases and instances of oil trading. With crude oil and gasoline prices rising to record levels in 2008 and the potential for new records to be set in the future, it is reasonable to assume that questions arise as to how crude and product prices are ultimately established.
Tank Storage: Cheery Traders Turn Teary
November 2011
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This article was written for and published by Tank Storage Magazine. As the crude oil and petroleum product market structure turned from contango to backwardation, traders found themselves with costly tankage weighing down their profitability. With a reluctance to take on as much tankage under lease, the storage operators are seeing rates come under pressure.
Oil Market Trends and Their Impact on Terminals
April 11, 2010
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The last 24 months have seen its share of volatility in the crude oil markets. From nearly $150 per barrel two years ago, to almost $50 last July and back up to $80 today, the crude oil market makes the Coney Island Rollercoaster look boring.
Energy Independence: Can We Do It?
January 3, 2008
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On December 19, 2007, President Bush signed into law the "Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007." The act legislated changes in three major areas.
Gas Market Jitters
March 19, 2006
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During the last week, gasoline prices on the NYMEX futures market have spiked up substantially. Is there a real potential for a shortage or are the market fears overblown? Here is some information that should help put the market in perspective.
Venezuela Crude Supply to the US
February 21, 2008
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This weekend the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, threatened once again to halt crude oil sales to the United States. It is Lipow Oil Associates opinion that the probability of this event occurring is small but rising. There is no doubt that should this event occur, crude oil prices will go up. However, there is also a downside for Venezuela as well.