Lipow Oil Associates has written reports on the following topics of interest to the petroleum industry. These reports are available for purchase and a more detailed prospectus of their content can be obtained by contacting us.

Gulf Coast Crude Oil Terminal Report

The growth of crude oil production in the United States has been met with an ever increasing amount of logistics and distribution infrastructure to deliver that crude oil to the Gulf Coast refining centers and export terminals. The 50+ page report contains tank capacity, pipeline logistics and vessel logistics information for approximately 70 crude oil terminals located on the Gulf Coast from Brownsville, TX to Mobile, AL. Information is also included regarding expansion of existing terminals and new grassroots facilities.

Cushing Patoka NYMEX Interchange

The NYMEX crude oil futures contract is the most widely traded crude oil contract in the world with an average of over 500 million barrels of crude oil traded every day. Cushing OK the delivery point of the NYMEX contract has grown from about 32 million barrels of storage in 2006 to over 93 million barrels today. Several projects could push the NYMEX number to over 120 million. With two dozen inbound and over one dozen outbound pipelines, Cushing is truly the Grand Central Station of crude oil logistics. This report discusses that contract and the existing storage, new construction, pipelines and logistics going into and out of Cushing OK and Patoka IL.

Crude By Rail Transloading Facility Report

Since 2010, the crude oil industry has seen a large rise and fall in the amount of crude oil transported by rail. Increasing production out of Canada combined with limited outbound pipeline capacity is once again creating interest in crude by rail. This report covers facilities constructed where crude is loaded from truck to rail as well as facilities that have been constructed where rail cars are unloaded. Over 200 locations in the USA and Canada are identified. A spreadsheet that aggregates crude by rail locations by geographic region is also included.

Refinery Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Distillate Production

Refineries in the USA produce a variety of petroleum products. This report summarizes production rates of gasoline, jet fuel and distillate for every refinery in the USA.

Terminal Tankage Construction Report

A significant amount of crude oil and petroleum product storage has been and continues to be built around the world since 2006. This report tabulates and identifies many of these projects.

NY-NJ-CT Petroleum Terminal Tankage Report

Petroleum product storage and terminal facilities are an important part of the logistics and distribution system. Over 400,000 barrels per day of gasoline and jet fuel are imported into the NY-NJ-CT area. Out of over 2000 total tanks, located at more than 60 terminals with close to 100 million barrels of storage, details are provided for 1500+ tanks.

Ethanol Report

This report reviews ethanol supply and demand in the past and into the future. A significant amount of information is provided regarding on line and off line capacity, new builds, marketers and servicing railroads for ethanol refineries in the USA. Additional information is provided on Canada, CBI and Brazil.

Biodiesel Report

Basic information regarding biodiesel: how it's made, quality issues, ASTM and ISO specs. Supply/demand balance. Includes spreadsheet of existing facilities and those under construction. Spreadsheet also contains well over 100 foreign facilities with a view for arbitrage opportunities.

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